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An abridged version of Mahabharata by Abhijit Maleth


Welcome to Epics of India,

Here, you will find an abridged version of Mahabharata comprising of 10 chapters.I do reiterate that Mahabharata is always best read in its full form so as get a feel of the grandeur of the epic.But what is attempted here is just a synopsis for the novice who is more interested in the overview of the entire epic.But it is sincerely hoped that after reading the summarized one might appreciate the greatness of this epic and more so that of Sage Ved Vyasa who took it upon himself to reveal this ocean of human saga !

This site is a result of my constant endeavour to present the Mahabharata in a simple and short format.The idea finally resulted in one of the earliest Internet versions of Mahabharata ,which was graciously hosted by Geocities. But due to academic and personal constraints, I was not able to complete it.Then,in 2008,I was finally able to launch the current site which contained the great epic, Mahabharata, in ten short pages.As I have written earlier,this website is for those who want an overview of the epic without having to go through hundreds and thousands of pages, depending on whose version of the epic you are reading.

I would urge the readers who are familiar with Hinduism to contribute by registering and writing about their favourite Hindu Gods and Goddesses because Internet will soon be the story-teller for the future generations.Hence,it is our duty to pass on these immortal tales of human vices to the future generations.

Have Fun Reading and Writing !


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