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One day after 16 years , Shantanu once again went to the banks of Ganga ,as he often did to remember his wife (Goddess) Ganga. Then to his great surprise there he saw a boy shooting arrows so precisely that actually he was able to control the flow of the largest river in India according to his wish.

Soon after he saw his wife Ganga standing near him smiling at his astonished face. Then she said to him, “Do not be surprised my lord, it is your own son Devarata , who equals Parashurama( a great warrior-god) in archery. He is learned in the Vedas (Ancient Hindu Scriptures). Now it is time for you to take him back to your Kingdom as your successor.” With these words she disappeared.


After four years, Devarata became the Yuvraj or the next king. Then suddenly trouble arouse when King Shantanu fell in love with the daughter of the king of the fishermen.

He asked her father’s permission , who indeed cleverly, told the king that the heir to Shantanu’s kingdom or Hastinapura should be the son of Shantanu and the fisherman’s daughter(Satyavati).

Devarata then realized from his father’s face that something was wrong. So he asked his father’s charioteer what was troubling Shantanu (his father).


The charioteer though unwillingly told Devarata all that happened between the fisherman and Shantanu.

So Devarata setout to the fisherman’s house and told him that the son of Satyavati and Shantanu will be the next king. Yet the power-hungry fisherman told Devarata that he would have to stay as a bachelor so that there was no chance of his desendants ascending to the throne.

Devarata vowed never to marry in this life to the fisherman due to his love for his father. The heavens applauded in appreciation and they chanted his new name Bhishma(one who never breaks a promise).

Although, Shantanu was first happy about marrying the beautiful Satyavati ,but afterwards he felt pity and sadness for his dear and devoted son, Devarata. Anyways,the couple spent some enjoyable years together and had two sons : Chitranganda and Vichitravirya.

After few years ,King Shantanu died. Then Bhishma had to rule for Chitranganda since he was too small.

Finally when Chitranganda took the throne ; he was killed by a gandharva. Then again Bhishma had to rule for young Vichitravirya who was much younger than Chitranganda.