The Rajasuya(The Coronation)

King Drupada’s joy knew no bounds when he learnt that the famous Pandavas had become his son-in-laws.though,he was somewhat disgusted with polyandrous marriage of his daughter .But he soon reconciled with the idea when the Pandavas explained the unusual circumstances.Hence,they were welcomed with great pomp and splendour to the city of Panchala.

Duryodhana was aghast when he learnt that the Pandavas were alive and had forged a matrimonial alliance with Drupada.He plotted with Karna and Sakuni in finding new nefarious ways to get rid of the Pandavas.

But Dhritarashtra had to follow the advice of Bhishma and Drona who were not at all bemused by Duryodhana’s evil plans.Though a bit fractious, Dhritarashtra decided to give half of his kingdom to his brother’s children,the Pandavas.Thereafter,the Pandavas were received by the citizens of Hastinapura with great joy and they proceeded to Indraprastha,the capital city which was in ruins at that time.

But Arjuna’s father,Indra,sent forth Mayan the architect of heavens to reconstruct Indraprastha.To Duryodhana’s dismay,the newly reconstructed Indraprastha out shined Hastinapura like the sun would to the moon .

The Pandavas ruled their half from Indraprastha righteously.It was then that someone suggested Yudhisthira be made or crowned emperor by performing the Rajasuya.On Krishna’s advice,after killing Jarasandha,the King of Magadha,Yudhisthira performed the Rajasuya and was proclaimed emperor.But Yudhisthira’s mind was uneasy after having been warned of the things to come by the great sage Vyasa,writer of Mahabharata.